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Why should two copper wires be twisted instead of parallel wires?

Release date:2018-12-03

The network cable is the structure of four pairs of copper wires twisted in pairs, which is also called twisted pair.
Why should twisted pairs be twisted with two insulated copper conductors instead of parallel?
The outer skin wrapped with copper core is actually the insulator layer between wires. They are equivalent to a dielectric plate, and the high-frequency signal passing through the network line is > 10MHz


If the twisted pair is parallel, it will cause signal phase lag and attenuation when transmitting high-frequency network signals,The twisted pair method is adopted because the capacitance formed by the line pair forms a series inductance at the same time. The effect of the inductance on the capacitance is opposite, which can lead the signal phase.The function of twisted pair is that the inductance and capacitance cancel each other, so that the signal can reduce the transmission attenuation under ideal conditions.In short, the twisted pair can resist part of the external electromagnetic wave interference, and more importantly, reduce the external interference of its own signal, so as to maintain the stability of network transmission.