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What kind of network cable does million HD need to connect, and what are the requirements for the network cable

Release date:2018-12-03

Million HD has high requirements on the clarity of the picture, and high requirements on cameras and network cables.

Improper selection of the two or the quality is not up to standard, it is easy to cause the picture to be unclear.

If a million HD is connected by a network cable, what kind of network cable does it need?

Nowadays, many people are good at using network cables as monitoring cables, and even tend to this mode.

1. Select an eight-core outdoor network cable as the monitoring cable.

The eight-core outdoor network cable has two layers of sheath, which is guaranteed to be waterproof and sunscreen, and is not easy to break when wiring.

Generally, an eight-core network cable is selected as the monitoring cable. Strictly speaking, an oxygen-free copper network cable must be used.

The resistance of oxygen-free copper is generally between 26-31 ohms, which is more stable in transmission than network cables of other materials.

2. Select a network cable with a power supply integrated cable

The integrated cable with power supply usually refers to the integrated network cable that combines the network cable and the power cable into one.

This kind of network cable maintains the transmission quality, and the most important thing is to facilitate wiring and save labor and time.

It is best to choose a separate network integrated line, which will cause slight interference when strong electricity is applied.

The separate sheath wrapping effectively reduces self-interference and avoids interference caused by series connection and the outside world.

What are the requirements for the network cable of Million HD?

Million HD has high requirements on the quality of the network cable. If the network cable is copper-clad aluminum and all copper, it cannot achieve the effect of one million HD at all.

When choosing a network cable, it is best to choose a network cable made of oxygen-free copper.

The network cable is integrated with the power supply. When connecting to the monitoring system, the power supply needs to be connected, and the material of the power cable is very demanding.

Therefore, the material of network cable and power cable is generally selected to be oxygen-free copper.

A good quality network integrated line can pass about 150 meters.