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Do you know the simple difference between copper clad copper wire and oxygen free copper wire?

Release date:2018-12-03

Copper clad copper network cable refers to bronze, which is coated with a layer of oxygen free copper network cable, which is called all copper network cable.

Oxygen free copper mesh wire refers to the mesh wire made of high purity copper raw material, also known as the original copper mesh wire.

There is basically no difference in appearance between the two kinds of network cables, but the price is very different.

So how can we simply distinguish?

1. From the wire skin of copper core.

Generally speaking, the inner wire skin of copper-clad copper mesh wire is made of two materials

The inner sheath of oxygen free copper mesh wire is made of new material.

Although not 100% of the copper cladding is made of two materials, it can be used as a simple basis for discrimination.

The thread skin of the new material is shiny, and there are great differences in the depth of color.

The old material will break when pulled, but the thread skin of new material can be elongated.

The old material:
The new material:

2. From the cross section of copper core

Because copper clad copper is not high purity copper, it belongs to recycled secondary copper, and the color of cross section is not very uniform

You can even see a little white in the middle of the copper core.

3. Scrape off an outer layer

Because copper-clad copper is coated with a layer of oxygen free copper on the outer layer, when you scrape it with a knife, you will find that the color inside is different from that of the outer layer.

However, after the oxygen free copper wire is scraped off, it will be found that the inner layer is still the same color


4. Burn with fire

The surface of copper clad copper is coated with a layer of oxygen free copper. During the burning process, you will find that the outer layer of oxygen free copper will melt away, and then wipe it with paper. You will find that the whole copper core is difficult to change back to the original brass color.

Oxygen free copper does not contain impurities. During the burning process, only the surface is oxidized. After wiping with paper, it still turns yellow.

The third and fourth are the most important methods to distinguish copper-clad copper network wire from oxygen free copper network wire.